Homework Fun

We like the challenge of applying enhancing techniques in unusual ways.


In the Variety Night Meeting, DIGITS members volunteer to participate in a digital enhancing project (sometimes smilingly referred to as a “Homework Assignment”), which is to be completed and shared with our group the following month.  The purpose of this exercise, under guidance, is to explore the possibilities of Photoshop tools as well as to challenge our own creativity.

To see examples of past Homework Fun projects, click here.

If you have any questions or comments about our Homework Fun, please contact the Homework Fun Coordinator.

If you receive specific instructions from the SIG coordinator, please follow those instructions. Otherwise, follow these instructions.

How to submit your images

Click here to go to a tutorial that tells How to Submit Images to DIGITS using Sharefile. Page one contains links and instructions on uploading files to Digits. Please use the correct upload link for your images, in this case “Homework”.

Pages two and three have a procedure “How to Resize and Rename files”.  

It is important to read all three pages and follow the procedures.

Submit your images no later than noon on the day of the meeting.