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David Aloisio

David Aloisio was a photographer and entrepreneur based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. His work concentrated on the beauty of the coastal area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware as well as other sites in the United States.

Mark Bergkvist

Through his images Mark invites you to share in the beauty of the places he has visited and the character of the people he has encountered. It is his passion to explore the limits of photography and to constantly strive for new ideas and ultimately to create images that inspire, provoke thought, evoke emotion and rekindle the natural spirit.

Steve Fredrick

Steve has been shooting professionally for several years, focusing on the beauty of nature and wildlife behavioral photography.  Color is a significant part of his photo-realistic style.  Steve also enjoys sharing his talents with others. Through his company, It’s All About the Light Tours, he conducts photography workshops and teaches post-processing classes using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Warren is an experienced photographer who enjoys taking pictures of nature, sports and people.  Through his involvement in the Digits group he has learned a great deal about post-processing, has made several new friends, and is almost always able to find another avid photographer to accompany him on his photo shoots.  He invites you to see the world through his lens.

Bob Kuhn

Bob seeks to share the beauty and diversity of the world he has discovered through photography of landscapes, people, and events. His training and experience have given him a firm understanding of the technical aspects of photography, and numerous workshops have led him to experiment recently with its more artistic side.  More of Bob’s images can be viewed at  http://bobkuhnphotography.com/.

Andre Szekely

Since early childhood, Andre, a native of Hungary, has explored his surroundings with an artist’s eye for beauty, evoking emotions and memories through his photography.  He continually experiments with digital art, and enjoys teaching his techniques to others.  Andre’s photographs have won numerous awards and are on display in various public settings.