Mad Hatters Gatherings

For people who want to learn and share photographic and editing skills and ideas


There will be no agenda. Those attending the meetings will provide images and topics for discussions and presentations. If some of the attendees do not want to do presentations, that is not a problem. There are members who will attempt to respond to questions and to do presentations related to suggested subjects. In addition, the evening will at times concentrate on creating Painterly and Artistic images. Bill Westerhoff will host these meetings and will either do the presentations or arrange for members of our group to do them.

How to submit your images

Click here to go to a tutorial that tells How to Submit Images to DIGITS using pCloud. Page one contains links and instructions on uploading files to Digits. Please use the correct upload link for your images, in this case “Homework”.

Pages two and three have a procedure “How to Resize and Rename files”.  

It is important to read all pages and follow the procedures.

Submit your images no later than noon on the day of the meeting.