Video Creation and Submission

How to create a video of your slide show

Assuming that you are using ProShow Gold to produce your slide shows, here are the steps that you should take when sending the shows to us:

  1.  Create and save your show, making sure that it does not exceed one and one-half minutes of playing time. (The file size limit is 100 mb.
  2.  On the Menu bar, click on: Publish>For Web, Devices and Computer and a dialog will open.
  3.  Select Standard Video Format (MPEG-4 h.264) then, under MPEG-4, select 1080p (full HD).
  4.  Click on the Create button and the Save dialog will open.
  5.  Navigate to your applicable My Slide Shows folder.
  6.  Before you click on the Save button, change the text in the File Name box to show a brief name for
    your show followed by your initials; for example: Our Summer Vacation – wrw (“wrw” being your
    initials). This is the title that will appear on YouTube and the initials will tell us who has submitted the
    slide show. If you want us to play your show only at our meeting and not post it to our YouTube
    channel, put parentheses around your initials; for example: Our Summer Vacation – (wrw).
  7.  Click on the Save button and a video of your slide show will be created. After a minute or two, the Message window will open.
  8.  Click on the OK button and your video will be added to the applicable My Slide Shows folder.
  9.  Close ProShow Gold.

If you use a program other than ProShow Gold to create your slide show, convert it to a video file using the MPEG-4 format and a resolution of 1080p (Full HD), and save your show to a folder that you can easily locate (the file extension will be mp4). Be sure that the file name of the video is as described above.

How to submit the video of your slide show

Click here to open a pdf file “How to Submit Your Images to Digits using pCloud”. Page one contains links and instructions on uploading files to Digits. Please use the correct upload link for your video, in this case “Videos”.

How to create shortcuts on your desktop for DIGITS slide shows on YouTube and for our YouTube DropItToMe page


  1.  Select (highlight) one of the following URLs, and then right-click on the selection to copy it into the Windows clipboard: a. For the YouTube slide shows channel: b. For the YouTube DropItToMe page:
  2. Right-click on any open space on your desktop, point to New and then click on Shortcut; the Create Shortcut window will open.
  3. Right-click on the Type The Location …. box, and click on Paste to paste the URL (that you copied to the Windows clipboard in step #1) into the Type The Location …. box.
  4. Click on the Next button and a new window will open.
  5. Type the name that you would like to use for this shortcut in the applicable box; for example: DIGITS Slide Shows (for 1a), or Slide Shows DropItToMe (for 1b).
  6. Click on the Finish button and you will now have a new shortcut on your desktop.
  7. Of course, you will still need to remember that the password for this DropItToMe is: videoup.