Exploring Digital Photography

Anything goes, and you are limited only by your imagination.

Exploring Digital Photography

Those of us with an interest in a more artistic, creative approach to enhancing images gather on the first Wednesday of each month.  This is less of a teaching session than an inspirational sharing of methods we have discovered on our own, either through online tutorials, use of plug-ins and filters, or simply by experimenting with Photoshop tools and techniques.


How to submit your images

Click here to go to a tutorial that tells How to Submit Images to DIGITS using pCloud. Page one contains links and instructions on uploading files to Digits. Please use the correct upload link for your images, in this case “Homework”.

Pages two and three have a procedure “How to Resize and Rename files”.  

It is important to read all pages and follow the procedures.

Submit your images no later than noon on the day of the meeting.