Basics and Beyond Instructional Meetings

A firm understanding of basic skills frees us to experiment and grow.


Although many of our DIGITS generally have an intermediate or advanced knowledge of photo enhancing, we set aside a special instruction night on the second Wednesday of each month. These popular sessions introduce or refresh skills on how to make the best use of Lightroom and Photoshop tools and techniques, and are often accompanied by descriptive tutorials. Below is a list of topics that we will cover at these meetings. We will pick and choose between these categories based upon the input that we receive from the participants. We will encourage everyone to do presentations, regardless of the level of a person’s experience. Presentations should cover techniques that he/she uses on a regular basis. We believe that the best way for a person to fully learn a technique is to volunteer to give a presentation of that technique to the group. do a presentation of that technique to the group. Here is the list of topics:

  1. Questions from group
  2. Presentations of Tips or Tricks that are a favorite of one of the participants
  3. Presentations based on the current month’s Homework Fun project
  4. Presentations based Based on the current month’s Educational Theme
  5. Presentations based on current Photo Outings
  6. Presentations based on enhancing images submitted by participants – we will ask for a volunteer to develop the image using techniques that he/she prefers
  7. Presentations by participants that show how he/she developed an image – from beginning to end
  8. Presentations by other participants of other techniques that he/she would have used to develop that same image
  9. Presentations of Lightroom basics. Where possible, tutorials would be provided for these presentations
  10. Presentation of Photoshop basics. Where possible, tutorial would be provided for these presentations
  11. Presentations involving the use of third party filters such as Nik, Topaz, Fractallius, Oleneo, Photomatix,
  12. A series of presentations on a specific program or filter
  13. Other topics as requested by participants

If you have any questions or comments about our Basics and Beyond meetings, please contact the Basics and Beyond Coordinator.  

If you receive specific instructions from the SIG coordinator, please follow those instructions. Otherwise, follow these instructions.

How to submit your images

Click here to go to a tutorial that tells How to Submit Images to DIGITS using Sharefile. Page one contains links and instructions on uploading files to Digits. Please use the correct upload link for your images, in this case “Homework”.

Pages two and three have a procedure “How to Resize and Rename files”.  

It is important to read all three pages and follow the procedures.

Submit your images no later than noon on the day of the meeting.